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Comrades there is no time to waste!

Written by Leonie Saunders

Benevolent dictator of Connecting the Dots, proud lefty feminist. Adore children & animals. Despise greedy union bashing power abusing corp polluters.

December 30, 2019

If you seek to be better informed on the politics threatening our most precious resource…

Watch the linked documentary PUMPED DRY: The Global Crisis of Vanishing Groundwater

Then click on the link and read the article originally published in the Guardian titled, Chinese company approved to run water mining operation in drought-stricken Queensland 

Then afterwards, ask yourself what will it take for ordinary Australians to wake up to the cold hard truth that we are governed by pathologically unprincipled mercenaries. I wonder, will it take city dwellers having no choice but to drink contaminated water to shake them from their wilful indifference. I live in hope that once the masses realise the great majority of people populating comfortable spaces in this nation’s parliaments and corporate boardrooms are intent on laying waste to our country. The revolution will ensue and structurally the better our society and our environment will be.

To be frank, we all should have known that starting with Hawke, it was inevitable that a conga line of market ideologues in successive Australian governments would wreak havoc on our nation. However with that said, I am not sure anyone truly grasped how diabolical overly ambitious careerist enamoured with power can be. I suspect most Australians have always assumed that democratically elected governments would protect them from the tentacles of rapacious domestic and foreign corporations. I doubt the great majority even considered how electing a cohort of wealthy shell game merchant bankers, asset rich corporate farmers, slick finance industry lawyers and crafty accountants would play out. Despite the lived experiences of exorbitant increases in the cost of essential services since governments privatised our publicly owned assets.  I am pretty sure most Australians foolishly take for granted that water, our most precious life sustaining resource would always be protected by government. That the political class agreed to open water up to the ramifications of commodification is to my way of thinking a treasonous offence. 

Are they really so egotistical that regardless of the consequences. They wilfully refuse to see the deleterious effect of their market driven ideology? Logic would suggest that seeing the devastation their greed driven market economics has had on our river systems, particularly the Murray Darling would quell their extremist beliefs. But no! They are still not satisfied. They are now intent on draining the ground water in the Great Artesian Basin dry too. It is regrettable but I have to admit they are even more despicable than I ever thought possible.

Bearing in mind the video, the article and the multiplicity of scientific evidence, added to what I already know of the power elites modus operandi. There is one thing I am absolutely sure of and that is clicking on a keyboard is not enough to stop them. So comrades we of good conscience must fight against a false sense of powerlessness because if we don’t I guarantee the mercenary raison d’être of this nations neoliberal political class will continue. And as night follows day this country we love will become a wasteland.  

Sure we can all search for excuses to do nothing. We can all throw up our hands and relegate the challenge ahead to the too hard basket. But to do so means the legacy we leave our precious children and grandchildren is that each and every one of us has cheated them of their tomorrow. And in my assessment that makes us just as immoral as those in this country’s parliaments!

My fellow Australians, let us join together and fight against terra nullius becoming a reality… Or don’t fight and Australia will become habitat fit only for cockroaches✊🏼



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