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Climate change deniers must be held to account for the death of another young firefighter.

Written by Leonie Saunders

Benevolent dictator of Connecting the Dots, proud lefty feminist. Adore children & animals. Despise greedy union bashing power abusing corp polluters.

December 31, 2019

We can not trust our politicians to take the URGENT ACTION that is required to save us from extinction! I call on the United Nations to impose sanctions on ALL nation states – developed and developing who do not immediately begin cutting their greenhouse gas emissions by the amount recommended by the worlds experts in climate science! 


Source: ABC News

Notwithstanding the Oxford Dictionary defines ‘freakish’ as, very unusual, strange, or unexpected. I find myself bristling every time I hear journalists and the mainstream media‘s talking heads describing the death of the young ’soon-to-be father’ Samuel McPaul being the result of a ’freakish weather event’.

Many lives have already been lost by those trying to protect their communities, and we all dread the knowledge that young and old many more lives will be lost. But to say this young man died as a consequence of a ‘freakish weather event’ while working at the coal face of what are climate change induced fire storms, down plays the fact that the worlds leaders are responsible for the catastrophic weather events that are wreaking havoc on the living environment right across the globe. Past and present, all the worlds leaders in politics and big business have known about the looming crisis for more than thirty years. They have had more than enough time to act but they have refused to make the changes necessary to prevent the extinction of life that is now in train as a consequence of exponential rises in greenhouse gas emissions.

For that reason alone it is misleading to call the death of this young man unusual, strange or unexpected! Our leaders knew these things would happen. They have long known the magnitude of the dangers to life and property as a consequence of burning fossil fuels. They have known for years that human activity polluting Earths 🌏 atmosphere was accelerating climate change. So to say this young man died as a result of an unexpected, unusual or strange weather event is fundamentally inaccurate.

Climate scientists gave our political leaders advanced warnings that the series of knock on effects of rising temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere particularly in Australia from burning fossil fuels would cause never-ending droughts, leading to horrendous firestorms whipped up by ferocious winds. It is in that context that I blame Scott Morrison and the entire cohort of ruling class climate change deniers bankrolling the IPA for the death of this young man and for the other volunteers who have died fighting this years firestorms. Not to mention the heart wrenching suffering of millions of animals burnt alive in the conflagrations consuming the bush. 

Furthermore, as the worlds second highest exporter of filthy coal to China and elsewhere in the world. Due to an unforgivable lack of action to mitigate warming, Morrison and his government must be held responsible for any future loss of Australian lives as a result of climate change induced catastrophic weather events.


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