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🔥 What Now – Desertification??

Written by Leonie Saunders

Benevolent dictator of Connecting the Dots, proud lefty feminist. Adore children & animals. Despise greedy union bashing power abusing corp polluters.

January 1, 2020

Natural environments are ablaze
Not to put to finer a point on it, I fear what we are witnessing is the desertification of what is left of Australia’s fertile land.

With both Federal and State Governments in the thrall of big business being unwilling to put their country and it’s citizenry first by acting meaningfully to mitigate global warming that is causing the natural environment to suffer the ravages of ongoing droughts. Added to this is the introduction of a water policy geared to serving those with deep pockets allowing domestic and foreign corporations to pump rivers dry and just as importantly sink bores that is draining the land of its under ground water. Is it any wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket as is highlighted by the conflagration of the water starved canopy of this country’s iconic eucalypts?




When flying over our island continent, east to west, north to south. It’s impossible not to observe the dry damage done by strip felling for broad acre farming. We live in a huge country with a relatively small inhabitable area that has been pillaged by the extraction industry and decimated by overdevelopment. As a consequence the eucalyptus forests that form a border between the country’s harsh inland and the blue oceans that surround us where tourists congregate have been vastly reduced.
The thing is up to now, in spite of humans the Australian bush always remained robust due to its distinctive qualities that allow it to regenerate and flourish anew after bushfires. However, anthropocentric global warming is clearly undermining the capacity of the bush’s eco-systems to the extent that the bush may never recover from these fires. Sadly, the chances that eucalyptus forests will ever return to their former life sustaining state very slim indeed. 
The conditions we are witnessing are  not natural, they are man made by governments crafting policies that put corporate profits before people and the natural environment. So what now?
Given that overall small business employs more people than the big businesses domestic and foreign. The question is what happens to the small business owners reliant on tourism in the fire ravaged areas of regional and rural Australia now? The possibility that they will go to the wall is real. On the upside, capitalism is finally being exposed as a fundamentally flawed theoretical construct and the governments house of cards built on jobs and growth will inevitably collapse.


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