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Xi Jinping has buried the truth about coronavirus

Written by Leonie Saunders

Benevolent dictator of Connecting the Dots, proud lefty feminist. Adore children & animals. Despise greedy union bashing power abusing corp polluters.

April 11, 2020

The reaction to the outbreak has revealed the unreconstructed despotism of the Chinese state

Ma Jian, the author of a piece published in The Guardian Feb 27 2020 not only shines a light on the surreptitious nature of China’s authoritarian government. His credentials far outweigh all those apologists for Xi Jinping’s despotism who lurk spreading their influence in the halls of governments and on popular social media platforms.

The people who typically show hostility to anyone questioning the regimes Imperialist agenda, invariably seek to muddy the waters of intelligent debate with bitter cry’s of racism. With the outbreak of COVID-19 attempts to hijack the narrative as to the Chinese governments ruthless predisposition are failing

Notwithstanding, this works nicely for the covetous anti-democratic forces of capitalism from the West who promulgate the popular belief that China as a communist nation can not be trusted. When in truth China can not be trusted because rather than being a socialist economy, China is a capitalist autocracy.

For me as a democratic socialist, the lip service given to democracy by Western capitalists lusting for power with insatiable appetites to monopolise markets, highlights in them the same desire as Xi Jinping to dominate the world. This antithesis of freedom goes to the heart of that which Chinese capitalist elites share in common with our own, home grown, predatory capitalists.

Freedom of political thought may still exists in the West but it is limited. Whereas freedom of choice is a facade from behind which marketing gurus with Masters Degrees in psychology manipulate us as a captive audience. Freedom of movement remains but restrictions on individual agency apply to all those without access to resources. And anyone seen as not compliant to capitalisms market shibboleths are castigated for their socialist values by those who talk much but think little.

After reading Ma Jian’s article a comrade, Paula Pope wrote;

I was struck by how much of that which he complains about has counterparts within our so-called democracies led by sociopaths and religious nutters. The emergence of this virus has shown how thin the veneer of democracy really is. Making deep democracy requires much more hard work and widespread participation.

This brings me to one thing of which I am certain of, and that is our political system was moribund long before the outbreak of the virus. If we as a society want to take the opportunity to bring about real and lasting change that the epoch of COVID-19 is handing to us. We can not allow the capitalist class to take up business as usual.  We must unite as a people to fight the pernicious forces of predatory capitalism by refusing to be compliant to those same forces that made us a client state to China and a service economy predominantly reliant on the dollars of middle class tourists from China and elsewhere.

We and future generations can never allow ourselves to be hoodwinked again. We and the planet that sustains all life can not afford the mistakes of the past that came from trusting self interested ideologues occupying positions of power in politics and religion to act in our society’s best interests. Our collective ambition must be one of creating a deep and truly secular grassroots socialist democracy. Where the social good drives the prosperity of our local and domestic economy first and foremost.

Ask yourself, how can we contribute as good social citizens to those in need off shore if we here at home are sickened by alien viruses?

How can we save ourselves from suffering the ravages of food, and water scarcity as a consequence of selling our vital resources to off shore neo-imperialists. Equally important is overpopulation. Australia may be a vast island continent but the arable land we have available for planting crops to feed our nation is limited. Even more so when considering it in context to catastrophic weather events as a result of global warming. Moreover, we humans encroaching on the habitats of our native species must stop now.

I submit that unless we renew agrarian socialism practiced by our nations first peoples and our colonial forebears we are doomed. Collectively our forbears and this lands indigenous custodians had the wisdom of the elders who saw meeting the needs of their people as paramount to their tribes material and psychological survival. Further down the track the egalitarian nation building that inspired our great-great grandparents and great grandparents was born of their almost intuitive understanding that as a nation we only ever exported that which was surplus to our society’s needs and imported only that which could not be grown or built here at home.

Unfortunately, in the years following the hedonism of the 1960’s countercultural revolution. The predatory mind set of corporate carpetbaggers and rent seekers dovetailed neatly with the postmodernist mind set that puts primacy on the individual. Indeed it was an influx of postmodernists in academic circles that paved the way for governments shifting to Milton Friedman’s economic rationalist viewpoint later known as neoliberalism. That both postmodernists and the champions of neoliberalism conveniently  overlooked the fact crucial to social solidarity and the wellbeing of any tribe is the individual is an abstract concept.

An individual only ever exists in a collective context.


That just about sums up the crisis of confidence we have in the easily corruptible form of  free market liberal democracy championed by our leaders who have no compunction selling us out for the price of another term in office.

The reaction to the outbreak has revealed the unreconstructed despotism of the Chinese state, says Chinese author and dissident Ma Jian first appeared in The Guardian


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